Adams Apple Dry
Our Adam’s Apple white table wine is lovingly crafted from the perfect blend of 6 different apple varieties, all grown in the pristine Similkameen Valley.   Full bodied, this wine has aromas and flavours of fresh picked summer apples, crisp undertones of citrus with hints of green apple and spice. Serves well with turkey, poultry, pork, aged cheddar cheese and stir fries.
750ml  12.5%
A dry white wine made from 90% certified organic Asian pears and 10% certified organic Euro pears.  Aged briefly with French oak, this wine has aromas and flavours of ripe melting pears with citrus, vanilla and a hint of smokiness on the finish.  Wonderful with cheeses, coconut milk and curry dishes, light meats and salads.
750ml 11.5%
Cherysh Cherry Rose
An off dry rose made from organic red Stella and Lambert cherries. This wine has rich cherry aromas & flavours of the sweetened ripe cherry, apple and a silky off dry finish. Wonderful as an aperitif, serves well with salmon, spicy Thai dishes, cheeses like brie & camembert, chocolate desserts or served as a Sangria. Served slightly chilled.
750ml 13%
$ 19.95
An off dry white wine made from organic white fleshed peaches. The soft, smooth flavour of the wine is bursting with ripe peach, nectarine and citrus, complementing the flowery aromas of canned peaches and passionfruit. Pair with salmon, tempura, Thai food, pork, duck, gruyere, brie, and blue cheese.
750ml  12.5%  
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November 1st 2019 to March 31st, 2020

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