Caught Apricot Mistelle
Nectar of the Gods in a bottle! This wine is made from 3 varieties of organic apricots and exudes the intense sweetness and spiciness of the apricot.  Luxurious and velvety on the palate, it’s as if the tree ripened apricot was squeezed straight into the bottle. Great accompaniment to exotic appetizers, 
desserts, cheeses, and white chocolate.
375 ml  17% alc  $26.95
Plumiscuous Plum Mistelle
A plum nectar wine made from Euro and Asian  red plums. The aromas of this wine embrace the exotic delicate plum, and the palate exudes ripe plum, tropical fruit, melon and notes of strawberry and cranberry.
375ml  17%alc   $24.95
Cerise D'Eve Red Cherry Portstyle
A deep red fortified wine, this porstyle is made from organic ripe Stella and Lambert cherries. The wine has a bouquet of fresh vanilla, ground cinnamon, and intense deep cherry. The palate is full with red cherry, black forest cake, clove, cherry pipe tobaccoo and screams dark chocolate.
375ml  17% alc  $26.95
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November 1st 2019 to March 31st, 2020

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